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I'm an upcyclist, feminist, anti-capitalist, environmentalist, artist

Fashion Rebellion Aotearoa @fashionrebellionaotearoa is a grassroots textile recycling/upcycling/ printing/ painting/ art / activism + sewing workshop I founded.

The Upcycle Collective NZ is the collective Im bringing together in a creative network of fabric upcyclists- designers/ artists/ creators tackling experimental solutions to ‘fast’ fashion waste resource.

Beyond addressing fast fashion, we use our upcycling to address protection of the land dear to us. Living with purpose to help improve society.

#Landback Take it out of the hands of the oppressors, colonisers, destroyers, polluters, the corporations that have no heart or soul, give it back to the people of the land who are connected and bound by whakapapa and aroha and mana to the soil, the water, the air, who will protect it and fight for it with fire, tears and blood.
Our māma
Our whenua
Our foundations
Our life source
Who will look after her
Who will value her
Who will protect her
We are nothing without her
Papatūānuku is THE FUTURE
Ngāti Paoa & the Waiheke Community rising in defence of Pūtiki Bay, Waiheke Island.

Story Information:

Country: New Zealand

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: Lucy Mae'd

Text Credit: Lucy Mae'd

Date : 13 July 2023

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