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We are always scared of not having enough water to drink

Here in Kiribati, the average height of the country’s 33 islands is little more than 2 metres above the ocean, which makes us acutely vulnerable to climate change. We have a problem with the water supply. Our water table is quite thin.
The increase in salinity of the water system is an issue, not just with climate
change but given the nature of our islands it has been a problem for hundreds of
years. Droughts are normal, people find it hard to draw fresh water from the water
table, we resort to water wells which sometimes may not be safe for drinking.
Crops in our garden like all the vegetables, banana and papaya trees are killed from the salt water, that is mixed with animal and human waste that washes in from the king tides. Which brings up another problem, the sea is being used as a toilet. The waste management on the island is not really good.

Some of the solutions we are doing is rainwater harvesting to collect the fresh water, but its not that reliable. In some places we have solar water pumps which can go deep to the water table for fresh water, but these projects rely on government and NGO's to provide us fresh water. We are always scared of not having enough water to drink.

Story Information:

Country: Kiribati

Topic: Water

Photo or video credit: Government of Kiribati/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

Text Credit: Kamori .

Date : 10 June 2023

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