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Power of the Pacific Series

Can the wisdom of the Pacifics help solve our greatest challenges?

Power of the Pacific is a 5 part social media series sharing the stewardship practices of Polynesia, hosted by Bodhi Patil.

Older than dinosaurs, sharks have been regulating ocean ecosystems for millenia 🦕 Sharks are ancestors, apex predators, and friends that we rely on for a healthy ocean. In Polynesia, sharks support ocean health, drive balanced food webs, and are an ancestral connection. Recognizing sharks must be protected to support polynesian livelihoods, french polynesia has established one of the largest shark sanctuaries in the world.

In Polynesia, modern research methods and traditional ecological knowledge are working in tandem to save coral reefs. Through outplanting, coral shading, fragmentation, and deep water coral nurseries, @tetiaroasociety is stewarding the reef for future generations.

Mo’orea Ocean Guardians empowers young islanders with the tools to protect the great blue Pacific Ocean, and is guided by community leader @henri_burnsofficiel

Ocean Health and Human Health are inextricably linked and so are the solutions to building a healthier island earth. Investing in the next generation of Ocean Guardians means we can reduce pollution, runoff, and threats entering the coral reef environment, while restoring ocean health.
Currently scientists, ocean rangers, guides, guests, and Pacific wisdom keepers are unified towards one shared mission: to preserve these islands for future generations!
Through conservation, restoration, education, and science, we are building a global movement to protect Tetiaroa! Their projects are a blueprint for ocean protection that the rest of the world can learn from.

Thanks for sharing the series @futureswell @bodhipatil @carissaandclimate and @alexfilardo

Story Information:

Country: Other

Topic: Nature Based Solutions

Photo or video credit: @futureswell @bodhipatil @carissaandclimate and @alexfilardo

Text Credit: Bodhi Patil (with video)

Date : 30 November 2023

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