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Share a Climate Story

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Here are some prompts that you might consider in your story:

  • Share a personal experience of how climate change has affected your life or community in the Pacific Islands? Are there changes now vs. what you experienced before?

  • What are challenges and opportunities for young people in the Pacific Islands facing in the context of climate change?

  • Share any efforts, initiatives, solutions, or ideas of resilience and adaptation that you know of that address climate change.

  • Reflect on being a young person in the Pacific Islands. What are your fears and hopes for the future?

  • Do you have a message you want to convey to the world about climate action?


The submission of your story can be either :

  • image (s):  photo or series of photos, or an original drawing in landscape format (max. 10MB in jpg, or pdf format) with written text of any length (in English), or

  • a recorded video in landscape format if possible (1 GB max,  language in English, or in your own language with a translated transcript in English, if possible)

  • text or audio only

Please fill out the below form to share your climate story online, or email us your story. 

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Thank you for sharing your story! 

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