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The Launch

August 12, 2023- International Youth Day


We launched Pacific SOS on International Youth Day, August 12, 2023, whose theme this year is transitioning to a greener world.  We chartered three boats on Lake Leman, whose waters symbolically connect us all with the Pacific Islands, sailing in front of the crowds lining the shores and beaches of Geneva, and also in front of the United Nations Geneva Palace and the United Nations Beach.  

Our stories will show that actions have far-reaching climate consequences, that small actions can be very impactful, and that youth have the potential to be changemakers. We hope also that leaders at the United Nations and beyond will take note, watch and read the youth stories to be inspired and be responsible to take action towards our futures.  We will continue to collect and unite youth perspectives through our storybank, while beginning the next step in our advocacy.

Supporting Vanuatu's initiative, we will use Pacific SOS as a platform to encourage UN member states to offer their comments on the Advisory Opinion on Climate Change to the International Courts of Justice with evidence of how climate change is effecting their countries as they establish the obligations and consequences of nations on our generation, and future generations. The deadline for submission of written comments is now 22 January 2024. 


The success of our launch would not have been possible without the support of:  
David A. for his wonderful support of my project from the beginning and lending his sailboat

FloatInn for the sponsorship of their solar-powered electric boat
Skippers: David, Isabelle, Sean, Cristiane, Dimitri for navigating everyone safely through the day

Photographers: Franco Kok Benites and Dimitri Baer

All my fellow youth campaigners and supporters who joined us in solidarity for climate justice to officially launch Pacific SOS, thank you.

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