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Pollution and Climate Change in Taiwan

Air pollution is a big problem in Taiwan since it is often hazy when you look outside your window at the cityscape. When I was younger the air used to be a lot cleaner and clearer. Air pollution affects outdoor activities like sport practices and exercising. If more public transportation becomes electric like the few electric buses that we currently have it would help with the air quality, as well as utilizing more renewable energy like wind, water, and solar power. Another indicator of climate change is the more extreme summer weather, with record high temperatures, as well as droughts caused by the lack of regular typhoons. Climate change is happening and it is important to do what we can to help reduce the negative impacts of human activity to our environment. I hope that this will help people become more aware and take action.

Story Information:

Country: Taiwan

Topic: Pollution

Photo or video credit: N/A

Text Credit: Clara

Date : 13 June 2023

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