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Aniti I Tasi / Ocean Spirit

Aniti I Tasi / Ocean Spirit
is inspired by the beauty, strength and resilience of our Tåsi, our Ocean, and those who depend on it. As nature continues to be abused more and more by irresponsible humans who have lost their way and do not live in harmony with nature like our ancestors and have no desire to, the ocean continues to rise and one day it will have its revenge on humans for all the lack of respect and all the abuse it has endured..unless we all learn to honor the Sacred, respect nature and living things the way our ancestors did... before its too late.

"Aniti I Tasi"
Acrylic on Canvas by Guam artist: Kaity Ngeremokt.

This piece was first featured in the 2016 Guam Festpac exhibit.

Story Information:

Country: Guam

Topic: Oceans

Photo or video credit: @micronesianmermaid

Text Credit: Kaity Ngeremokt

Date : 30 July 2023

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