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In the Clouds

I tried to capture it. The clouds kissing the mountain peaks whilst smaller clouds danced merrily around them to celebrate their love. At the same time the day birth forth dusk. But I just couldn't, maybe because my android sucks and an iPhone could have done a better job ( low key throwing shade at iPhone owners 😅 jokes). But then I thought according to mythology these two belong to two of the four elements that are essential to life. The mountain representing Earth and clouds representing Air. The Earth cannot fall in love with the Air for they are not of the same kind. This was a forbidden love. A forbidden love that I a mere mortal let alone my gadget could not capture.

Story Information:

Country: Papua New Guinea

Topic: Natural Habitats

Photo or video credit: @bara_melanesia

Text Credit: Mary Terriette Aseari

Date : 25 January 2022

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