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We needed to move further inland because we lived close to the river

It was the evening of February 20, 2016, when there was a very strong wind which began to blow and caused the leaves from the trees to fly all over the place. 

Dark clouds began to form and thunder rumbled close by. The rain fell heavily and the river started to flood. 

My mother told everyone to go to bed. When we were all asleep in the middle of the night, I heard a rushing sound of water running heavily and quickly. My mother was panicking because the water was rising and overflowing through the kitchen.

My family woke up and rushed to the neighbouring houses for safety. My mother, my two brothers and I quickly gathered money, batteries, a few clothes, bags of uncooked foods and the radio. We didn't know if we'd be coming back.

At that moment I was so scared because it almost flooded my home. I told my mother how serious the situation was. We needed to move further inland because we lived close to the river. 

My grandfather said his generation experienced flooding, but never like this. The river is now five metres wide and dangerous. When it starts to rain heavily and the river starts to flood, I know what to do and where to go for safety. But we cannot keep rebuilding each year after the rainy season.

We need global action to stop polluting the atmosphere and help to protect our world.

-Corrine Roina, 17

Story Information:

Country: Solomon Islands

Topic: Water

Photo or video credit: Daily Mirror / Collin Leafasia

Text Credit: Corrine Roina

Date : 24 July 2021

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