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Our Coral Nursery

Yesterday we revisited our first coral nursery and the frames we placed in the day before. On that afternoon a massive swell was picking up just as we had finished carefully maneuvering our frames into place. This was the perfect test for our team and especially our nurseries first night under a strong swell.

Yesterday on our revisit to the site the frames and coral were looking great and still secured in their place given the anchored blocks. We also found little fish already making homes, and sheltering under the concrete anchor in small gaps and swimming around curiously inside the frames. 🐠

We chose a space for our nursery that had great water flow, depth in the lagoon at low tides, close to the reef, passage and safeguarded and monitored by our families and friends living beachside directly in front. Our team members will be doing regular monitoring and data collecting. Yesterday we counted 123 orphaned coral fragments on both our frames!

We will be implementing safeguarding policies and notices, working with our village Arongo mana to help raise awareness to the community around this space as an active restoration site which needs to be protected.

Te Ara O Te Akau Inc @tearaoteakau

Story Information:

Country: Cook Islands

Topic: Oceans

Photo or video credit: Alex King Photography and Te Ara O Te Akau

Text Credit: Alex King

Date : 4 July 2023

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