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Port Moresby youth petitioning for their ocean

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister James Marape mentioned that he was ok with Japan dumping nuclear waste (Containing high volumes of tritium) water into the Pacific Ocean.
A group of like minded individuals (me included) came up with a peaceful campaign and petition where we collected close to 1000 signatures. The Minister of Environment,Conservation and Climate Change upon meeting with us said this was a petition needed to present to the Prime Minister or Minster of Fisheries and Marine Resources. Last week, we had a group of close to 50 students from tertiary institutions around Port Moresby come together in solidarity and carry our banners and do community awareness. So proud of my team for doing this!

It poses a serious danger to Pacific communities who depend on the ocean for our livelihoods.

Story Information:

Country: Papua New Guinea

Topic: Oceans

Photo or video credit: McDom Yanje

Text Credit: McDom Yanje

Date : 27 July 2023

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