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Climate Change Press Conference by Students of Manua Centre School

On the 21st of July 2023 Save the Children Vanuatu launched a “Harem Vois blo me” report carried out in partnership with Kolisen Blong Leftemap Education(KOBLE), and hosted a climate change press conference by students of Manua Centre School!
It was an amazing event with special invited guest from our government partners, along with students, teachers and principal of Manua center school.
The Report “Harem Vois Blo Me” was conducted after TC Judy and Kevin to show the impact of the dual cyclone on children and most importantly document the voices of children most affected.
This was a special occasion as after, we had powerful speeches addressed to World leaders on the impacts and challenges children face due to climate change. Having our government representatives present was a great honor as the students were able to address their speeches to leaders present and through the Facebook live coverage.
A striking message was passed as the students stood in the sea and gave their speeches, showing a clear picture of coastal erosion and the first hand impacts of climate change in their community. With a well articulated and powerful speeches, the students stand to call out world leaders and demand climate Justice! 🙌🏾

Story Information:

Country: Vanuatu

Topic: Climate Change (General)

Photo or video credit: Damian Mobbs, ConnectVU

Text Credit: James Hinge

Date : 23 August 2023

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