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We need an alternative solution for our country's survival

It's time to look at alternate solutions for Tuvalu's survival and this includes Tuvalu becoming the first digitised nation in the Metaverse, the online world engaging augmented and virtual reality where users can interact in a parallel universe.

Our land, our ocean, our culture are the most precious assets of our people and to keep them safe from harm, no matter what happens in the physical world, we will move them to the cloud. Tuvalu was having to act because countries globally were not doing enough to prevent climate change.

The idea is to continue to function as a state and beyond that to preserve our culture, our knowledge, our history in a digital space even if the state becomes completely submerged.

Up to 40% of the capital district of the country is underwater at high tide and in several decades is forecast to be submerged permanently.
Tuvalu is a group of nine islands and 12,000 people between Australia and Hawaii. It is one of the nations identified most at risk of disappearing due to rising sea levels.

This is important as the government begins efforts to ensure that Tuvalu continues to be recognised internationally as a state and its maritime boundaries – and the resources within those waters – are maintained even if the islands are submerged.

-from Simon Kofe, Minister for Justice, Communication, and Foreign Affairs in COP27 speech
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Story Information:

Country: Tuvalu

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: Simon Kofe, Minister for Justice, Communication, and Foreign Affairs

Text Credit: Simon Kofe

Date : 6 July 2023

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