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I loved a forest once/it returned every kindness back to me/so little time left yet I can wait for that one gaze/for this evening I am remote as a light bulb/ a bird is seen leaving my mouth/ years ago when my birth was complicated by trees wanting to change into ships/ long ago when I knew you were on your way to see my life go crazy from too much rain/ exposed to my sadness you still stayed within reach/ as a child I drew figures of people onto misty windows/ holding onto each other/ and no one with strange letters to give advise how to live in this mean spirited world.

Poem and artwork by John Pule

Story Information:

Country: Niue

Topic: Natural Habitats

Photo or video credit: Poem and artwork by John Pule @surrealist_likupoet

Text Credit: John Puhiatau Pule

Date : 5 August 2023

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