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The Fiery Canoe Foundation

Isolated in the vast Pacific Ocean, the forgotten island of Banaba lies near the equator in the Republic of Kiribati. Once a thriving phosphate rich island, years of topsoil removal and mining have devastated Banaba. Riddled with limestone pinnacles, the island no longer has an adequate supply of fresh drinking water and has lost much of its pandanus, coconut, almond and other food sources. Unable to sustain human habitation Banaba’s inhabitants were forcibly relocated to Rabi, Fiji. The Banaban experience, and their struggle to maintain identity and dignity, is a cautionary tale for humanity as we face similar economic and environmental challenges on a global scale. Banaba and its neighboring islands in the Republic of Kiribati will be some of the first lands to be lost to rising sea levels. Inspired by the life and work of Dr Teresia Kieuea Teaiwa, we formed a nonprofit organization, the Fiery Canoe Foundation (FCF), to support Banaban culture and heritage, and help share this story.

Since our launch, we have raised over $23,000 for the Banaban cause and have worked with activists and aid workers in Fiji to solicit projects identified as priorities by Banaban communities. By raising awareness and educating others about how fertilizer drives global agriculture, which fuels climate change, we hope to better support the Banaban community. A community who despite the challenges of being heavily impacted by climate change, manage to remain resilient and never stop fighting for their islands.

Story Information:

Country: Banaba

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: Fiery Canoe Foundation

Text Credit: Kea Rutherford

Date : 4 August 2023

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