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Homegrown Success

Climate change can cause food insecurity, but the people of Tuvalu are fighting back: by growing vegetables and other products right in their back yard. For steady food production, access to materials and tools for home gardening is essential.

The women in Tuvalu have shown an active interest in addressing climate change by growing their own food. Women’s groups in turn ensure that the necessary equipment reaches the women, including younger ones. Targeted training further helps to ensure that women receive the necessary expertise on home gardening techniques and climate change impacts on agriculture.

"I used to buy basic necessities, but through the NAPA1 project I received free seeds, watering cans, and even the chicken wire fence. I made my garden and it was very successful. My family ate the vegetables I harvested: cabbages, tomatoes, and cucumbers. This really helped our financial situation, as I don’t need to buy canned vegetables from the store anymore" — Tausese Lotonu, Community Member, island of Nukulaelae

-Story by Caitlin Connelly, Alan Resture and Andrea Egan

Story Information:

Country: Tuvalu

Topic: Agriculture/food security

Photo or video credit: Photos: Andrea Egan, Luke McPake, Joe Hitchcock and UNDP Fiji Multi Country Office

Text Credit: Tausese Lotonu

Date : 29 June 2023

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