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The natural pool of my childhood is gone

There used to be a natural pool near our plantation that my family and I loved visiting. It was filled with fish, prawns and colourful sea creatures. After work, we would spend hours having fun in the pool, swimming and splashing around. 

One day, my cousins and I realised that it had been over a year since we had visited the pool. We decided to go for a picnic and a diving trip. When we arrived, we found that the pool had widened so much we couldn’t have our picnic because there was too much water.

The pool was now really deep as well. I could barely see any of the sea creatures. I was so confused because I had never seen something like this before. 

Lots of coastal areas like this have been flooded as the sea has continued to rise. The trees and coconuts that would usually guard the coastline have been destroyed by the rising water.”

By Ian Rodie, 19.

Story Information:

Country: Solomon Islands

Topic: Sea Level Rise

Photo or video credit: Daily Mirror / Collin Leafasia

Text Credit: Ian Rodie

Date : 24 June 2021

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