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Climate is very influential on sea turtle nesting

Baby sea turtles are subject to many predators that can disturb or prey turtles eggs, predators, poachers, plastics, and even hot sand. Climate is very influential on turtle nesting. Here April-August is turtle nesting season and May-July being the peak season. If the climate is too hot, the embryos may not survive. Populations of sea turtles are predicted to fall around 7% each decade in the Pacific Ocean. We as conservationists step in after eggs are hatched, and will shade and water, and protect the eggs to make sure they all become healthy hatched turtles, then we release them back into the sea.

Do you know that turtles have symbiosis with fish looking for food on the turtle carp. Fish will be full and turtle carp will be cleaner!

Cl162 turtle eggs were found today from 2 mothers.
The eggs were soon secured and planted in a semi-natural egg habitat.
770 Tukik Tails released into the sea today to better Indonesia's marine resources.
Hello Sustainability! Live well and stay healthy beautiful turtle, let's fight together.

Story Information:

Country: Indonesia

Topic: Natural Habitats

Photo or video credit: @penyukilikili_

Text Credit: Kili Kili

Date : 1 July 2023

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