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Tale of Love for Mt. Talinis and Banica River

Poem 1: Dedicated to one of the main rivers that flows through my city which is now becoming polluted.
"Tale of Banica River"

You lay silent oblivious to the crowd
Home to life that we are greatly proud
Flowing day and night thanks to the source
Where jovial kids unconsciously adores.

As the sun sets and rises every single day
Comes a threat that often is on display
Your bloodstream is now doused with poison
Threatening the veins where it is passing on.

If only you can cry in absolute desolation
For the downright abuse and exploitation
However clear and present peril entails
We continue to stay blind of its details.

The only thing that will be undisputable
Is the time your wrath rages upon us all.
Only then we shall ultimately realize
Inaction and insensitivity has its price.

Poem 2: Dedicated to Mt Talinis Range. The source of water to over 16 municipalities and cities around it.

As the horizon is struck with a hue of blue
I gleefully set up to our rendezvous
Staunch and true to my purpose at hand
Another day to spend to my wonderland.

Sweet smell of the earth fills the air
Gentle melodies of life brimming everywhere
Towering lifegivers dancing by the wind
Each moment an epic piece with no end.

Every single step leaves a mark to recover
A delicate path stray we must never
Leave lives away from fraught touch
Respect the serenity like it's a must.

Bounty of creation drape in magnificence
Pristine waters cascading with eminence
Canopies beautifully stretched in heavens
While creatures frolick in the gardens.

While your beauty promises subsistence
Comes a threat to your existence
Your body now altered by naive souls
Leaving marks without protocols.

My heart bleeds on what lies ahead
As you continue to suffer with dread
Powerless and voiceless that you are
Someday comes your wrath not afar.

Comes a soul entangled by your fragility
Becoming the alter ego as responsibility
A shieldmaiden I must to behold you
Galant and resolute as I always do.

Story Information:

Country: Philippines

Topic: Water

Photo or video credit: Aidalyn Arabe

Text Credit: Aidalyn Arabe

Date : 8 July 2023

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