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Wonders of Bamboo to help fight climate change

Hi, I'm a bamboo advocate and have learned about the life cycle of bamboo from propogation to build. Bamboo is really easy to grow and propogate, sustainable and provides ways to fight climate change. In the past, bamboo was considered 'poor man's timber' in the Philippines, but myself and other dedicated bamboo advocates are changing that.

According to the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, bamboo can help fight climate change by:
1. sequestering carbon in their biomass. (China's bamboo forests are projected to store 1018 million tonnes of carbon by 2050)
2. replacing fossil fuels through biomass energy and reducing deforestation. bamboo regrows quickly and matures faster than most tree types.
3. adaptation- frequent harvesting allows farmers flexibility to adapt to changing conditions due to climate change and can provide a steady income all year around.
4. restoration- bamboo is an effective windbreak, prevent erosion and can thrive in degraded lands unsuitable for other crops.
5. providing livlihoods- bamboo is versatile, with 10,000 documented uses, and a proven tool to fight rural poverty.

Story Information:

Country: Philippines

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: @misskawayan

Text Credit: Aidayn Arabe

Date : 30 August 2023

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