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Kiribati could be underwater in the coming years

Climate change and sea-level rise have had a significant impact on everyday life in Kiribati and other Pacific Island countries. Rising sea levels have caused increased coastal erosion and saltwater intrusion into the freshwater lens. In our part of the world, we are experiencing the impacts of La Niña: with climate likely to have an impact on the ENSO cycle, La Niña means less rain for us. In fact, we have just recently experienced a heavy drought period.
Our traditional way of life was characterized by its capacity for adaptability to environmental changes. The design of homes, for example, allowed for mobility and portability, and families acquired only sufficient resources for their daily sustenance. The implementation of measures to support adaptation in response to environmental challenges can be considered more as reactive, rather than proactive, in nature.
When it comes to the effects of climate change and sea-level rise, various models predict that Kiribati could be underwater in the coming years.

I think it’s important that we all do our part, as we are all in this together.


Story Information:

Country: Kiribati

Topic: Sea Level Rise

Photo or video credit: Map of Kiribati. (Data sources: UNCS, Esri, Global Discovery, Government of USA; map created by UN OCHA ReliefWeb)

Text Credit: Tion Uriam

Date : 14 March 2023

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