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Food security for Neniari People

I'm Elvira Lumapuy, 26. I mobilise women to promote organic farming among villagers in my neighbourhood. I completed a training at the Saka Mese Nusa Social Transformation School (STS) in Morekau Village, Seram Bagian Barat, Maluku. Going back home, my friend and I who joined the training bought seeds and polybags. We sowed 300 chilli and 200 mustard seeds to build up local food resilience by doing organic farming to meet domestic needs of nutrients. I tutored local women on how to speed up the growth by soaking the seeds as she had learned from STS. In addition to organic farming, I started forest honey farming as my village has great potential for honey, just by watching a honey farming tutorial from YouTube. I now have 5 boxes for bee nests.

Story Information:

Country: Indonesia

Topic: Agriculture/food security

Photo or video credit: EcoNusa/Roberto Yekwam

Text Credit: Elvira Lumapuy

Date : 30 May 2023

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