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Fighting Climate Change

Hi, I'm Vishal Prasad of the Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change. I am a dedicated campaigner and proud to have got the world’s states to request the International Court of Justice for an opinion on climate change. I've been part of the ICJ advisory opinion campaign for more than 3 years and is keen on seeing its success and the campaign journey continues. I'm very passionate about human rights and believe that the ICJAO campaign has the potential to break the deadlock on ambitious climate action globally.

Will states be galvanised into action? How is the climate emergency already affecting my native country Fiji? And, what’s my favourite day? All here on this podcast with HagueTalks.

Story Information:

Country: Fiji

Topic: Climate Change (General)

Photo or video credit: Hague Talks and @vishlprasad

Text Credit: Vishal Prasad

Date : 28 June 2023

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