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Gwala is Life

Gwala as a customary reef closure also applies to other aspects of community life on the Bwanabwana islands of Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea. It is a traditional practice that is being adapted to contemporary issues, that is being reinvigorated across many islands including Ole, which lies within the Kula Ring of exchange and trade between Milne Bay Islands.

We see the benefits of Gwala practice among youth and adults alike.

Gwala is used on the sea, as well as the Earth to respect people, land and the sea alike.

Seeing the results at Anagusa, other islands like Tewatewa and Olehave have also adopted reinstating Gwala.

Funding provided by SGP GEF Small Grants Programme. Produced by Eco-Custodian Advocates.

Story Information:

Country: Papua New Guinea

Topic: Nature Based Solutions

Photo or video credit: UNDP

Text Credit: John Abraham (with video)

Date : 1 August 2023

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