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Water water everywhere

“It‘s time for the world, and its leaders, to understand how important water is for the future of our people, our economies and for our planet.”

Water resources, and the range of services they provide, underpin poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability. Access to water and sanitation facilities is central to every aspect of human dignity: from food and energy security to human and environmental health, water contributes to improvements in social well-being and inclusive growth.

Water supply systems that are resilient to climate variability and climate change are vital for the future of the Pacific islands.
As water is primarily harvested directly from rainfall in the Pacific, countries like Tokelau and Tuvalu are addressing catchment and storage by improving rain gutters and plumbing; in the Marshall Islands, they’re increasing the capacity of reservoirs in order to sustain communities during times of drought. On Nauru, solar water purifiers have been installed. A system that provides 55-65% efficiency solar energy to naturally purified water, is designed to assure access to potable drinking water to supply all of Nauru in times of drought.

-by Andrea Egan and David Angelson

Story Information:

Country: Nauru

Topic: Water

Photo or video credit: Prospekt Mira)

Text Credit: Andrea Egan

Date : 19 August 2015

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