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Indonesia is moving its capital city

The national capital will move from Jakarta, on the island of Java, to the province of East Kalimantan, on Borneo.

Jakarta is struggling under a huge environmental burden. Air quality in the city has plunged over the last few months, recording worse conditions in June than notoriously polluted cities such as Delhi and Beijing, prompting a group of activists and environmentalists to sue the government to take action.

Indonesia’s capital is also sinking. Areas of north Jakarta, including the seawall designed to protect them, are falling at an estimated 25cm a year, due to subsidence.

The government hopes it will reduce the burden on Jakarta, a city of 10 million, which is notoriously congested, suffers regular flooding, and is one of the fastest sinking cities in the world. Environmentalists have warned the move risks accelerating pollution in East Kalimantan, and contributing to the destruction of rainforests that are home to orangutans, sun bears and long-nosed monkeys.

Story Information:

Country: Indonesia

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: The Guardian

Text Credit: K Lyons

Date : 24 October 2023

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