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planet earth inspires me

I’m a 31 years old committed geek from Québec City, Canada. Five years ago, I left everything behind and started travelling the world. Astonished by the beauty of nature and driven by the need to see everything, it rapidly turned into the need to capture everything and share it.

Here is a unique composition that I managed to capture on my last trip to Hawaii. It was after camping in a small forest by the sea that I saw trees with very interesting shapes!
Surrounded by beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and epic mountains, it can be hard to stop at the simpler bits. If I have any advice for you, it's that sometimes greatness and splendor is in the detail.

I hope that my work will inspire you as much as planet earth inspires me.

Story Information:

Country: Hawaii

Topic: Natural Habitats

Photo or video credit: Loic Dupuis

Text Credit: Loic Dupuis

Date : 6 July 2023

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