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Matthew visits a (now unusable) freshwater well

Matthew visits a (now unusable) freshwater well.
Matthew visits a freshwater well his family uses for washing and cooking. However, now that the sea has risen so much, the wells are all full of saltwater and are unusable

"Every morning before school, all the children in my small village collect water for our families to use for washing and cooking.

In the past, it was much easier. We took buckets to the wells in our village and got water from those. Nowadays, the sea has risen so much that the wells are all full of saltwater.
We can no longer use the water from them.  

Now, it is really hard to find fresh water. We have to walk or paddle long distances to find another source.

 In the afternoon, after school, we have to collect water again. Many of us miss days of school because we are so tired from collecting water. We need a water supply in my village.
We will have the time and energy to attend school. This will really help children like me and our families.

Climate change is making our islands uninhabitable. If nothing is done, this will result in climate refugees who have no place to seek shelter.

-Mathew Toli, 16

Story Information:

Country: Solomon Islands

Topic: Water

Photo or video credit: Daily Mirror / Collin Leafasia

Text Credit: Matthew Toli

Date : 24 July 2021

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