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Without the integrity of our culture, everything we try to grow will wither and die

For thousands of years, the way of life in the Cook Islands was simple; we lived off the land, off the sea, always thanking our moana and our enua for what they provided for us. That is the complete opposite of the lifestyle humanity leads today. Our lifestyle is now one of ‘take, take, and take some more’, giving nothing back to the planet that we are depleting- even though our culture is rooted in protecting our natural resources. It is time that we brought that way of thinking and living into the future; of preserving the best of what we have now for the future.

Story Information:

Country: Cook Islands

Topic: Natural Habitats

Photo or video credit: Hereiti File, Tereora College. Te Ipukarea Society

Text Credit: Hereiti File

Date : 3 June 2023

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