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People like me who are terrified for our future are left with no option

"Despite dire warnings from the UN and the world’s leading scientists that fossil fuel expansion threatens the survival of humanity, Australia has 116 new fossil fuel projects in the pipeline, which is simply insane.

Rallies and campaigning within the system are clearly not working, so people like me who are terrified for our future are left with no option but civil disobedience. As the head of the UN said, 'the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels.' "
Over a hundred people gathered beside the rail-line into the world’s biggest coal port, supporting around 50 community members as they were arrested whilst occupying the train. Twenty of the group scaled the train and used shovels to unload coal from the laden wagons. A large banner was unfurled over one of the train wagons stating, “Survival guide for humanity: No new coal."
The protest is a part of a four day national climate conference, ‘Climate Camp’ organised by climate defence group Rising Tide, at which hundreds of participants heard from climate scientists, policy experts and environment movement leaders. The protest saw the group launch its Climate Defence Pledge, which seeks 10,000+ participants to commit to join peaceful protests to demand the end of coal exports from Newcastle, the world’s biggest coal port, by 2030.

Story Information:

Country: Australia

Topic: Innovative Solutions

Photo or video credit: Rising Tide Australia

Text Credit: Jasmine Stuart

Date : 16 April 2023

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