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Vala North: traditional practice for supporting conservation

Vala North tells the story of our traditional way of supporting conservation. An indigenous practice generations old of our people here in New Ireland Province, we limit access to areas restricted from human activity as a way of sustainably managing our environment. The practice, known as vala, involves a stick placed on the area in question as a symbol of restriction to stop any activity from occurring in that particular area.

The vala is trying to bring back the experiences, the bountifulness and the beauty from the past.

Courtesy UNDP Papua New Guinea. Funding by SGP The GEF Small Grants Programme, Produced by Eco-Custodian Advocates

Story Information:

Country: Papua New Guinea

Topic: Nature Based Solutions

Photo or video credit: UNDP Papua New Guinea

Text Credit: Janet Kuama

Date : 9 August 2019

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